CAF  0.17.3
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caf::stateful_actor< State, Base > Class Template Reference

An event-based actor with managed state. More...

#include <stateful_actor.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for caf::stateful_actor< State, Base >:
caf::composable_behavior_based_actor< State, Base >

Public Member Functions

template<class... Ts>
 stateful_actor (actor_config &cfg, Ts &&... xs)
void on_exit () final
 Destroys the state of this actor (no further overriding allowed).
const char * name () const final

Public Attributes

State & state
 A reference to the actor's state.
State state_

Detailed Description

template<class State, class Base>
class caf::stateful_actor< State, Base >

An event-based actor with managed state.

The state is constructed before make_behavior will get called and destroyed after the actor called quit. This state management brakes cycles and allows actors to automatically release resources as soon as possible.

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