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caf::scheduler::coordinator< Policy > Class Template Reference

Policy-based implementation of the abstract coordinator base class. More...

#include <coordinator.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for caf::scheduler::coordinator< Policy >:
caf::scheduler::abstract_coordinator caf::actor_system::module caf::scheduler::profiled_coordinator< Policy >

Public Types

using super = abstract_coordinator
using policy_data = typename Policy::coordinator_data
using worker_type = worker< Policy >
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enum  utility_actor_id : size_t {
- Public Types inherited from caf::actor_system::module
enum  id_t {

Public Member Functions

 coordinator (actor_system &sys)
worker_typeworker_by_id (size_t x)
policy_data & data ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from caf::scheduler::abstract_coordinator
 abstract_coordinator (actor_system &sys)
actor printer () const
 Returns a handle to the central printing actor.
size_t num_utility_actors () const
 Returns the number of utility actors.
actor_systemsystem ()
const actor_system_configconfig () const
size_t max_throughput () const
size_t num_workers () const
virtual bool detaches_utility_actors () const
 Returns true if this scheduler detaches its utility actors.
void init (actor_system_config &cfg) override
 Allows the module to change the configuration of the actor system during startup. More...
id_t id () const override
 Returns the identifier of this module.
void * subtype_ptr () override
 Returns a pointer to the subtype.
- Public Member Functions inherited from caf::actor_system::module
const char * name () const noexcept
 Returns the human-redable name of the module.

Static Public Member Functions

static actor_system::modulemake (actor_system &sys, detail::type_list<>)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from caf::scheduler::abstract_coordinator
static void cleanup_and_release (resumable *)

Protected Member Functions

void start () override
 Starts any background threads needed by the module.
void stop () override
 Stops all background threads of the module.
void enqueue (resumable *ptr) override
 Puts what into the queue of a randomly chosen worker.
detail::thread_safe_actor_clock & clock () noexcept override
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void stop_actors ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from caf::scheduler::abstract_coordinator
std::atomic< size_t > next_worker_
 ID of the worker receiving the next enqueue (round-robin dispatch).
size_t max_throughput_
 Number of messages each actor is allowed to consume per resume.
size_t num_workers_
 Configured number of workers.
std::array< actor, max_id > utility_actors_
 Background workers, e.g., printer.
 Reference to the host system.

Detailed Description

template<class Policy>
class caf::scheduler::coordinator< Policy >

Policy-based implementation of the abstract coordinator base class.

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