libcaf  0.15.5
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caf::message_id Class Reference

Denotes whether a message is asynchronous or synchronous. More...

#include <message_id.hpp>

Inherits comparable< message_id >.

Public Member Functions

constexpr message_id (invalid_message_id_t)
 message_id (message_id &&)=default
 message_id (const message_id &)=default
message_idoperator= (message_id &&)=default
message_idoperator= (const message_id &)=default
message_idoperator++ ()
bool is_async () const
bool is_response () const
bool is_answered () const
bool is_high_priority () const
bool valid () const
bool is_request () const
message_id response_id () const
message_id request_id () const
message_id with_high_priority () const
message_id with_normal_priority () const
void mark_as_answered ()
uint64_t integer_value () const
long compare (const message_id &other) const

Static Public Member Functions

static message_id from_integer_value (uint64_t value)
static constexpr message_id make ()
static constexpr message_id make (message_priority prio)

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr uint64_t response_flag_mask = 0x8000000000000000
static constexpr uint64_t answered_flag_mask = 0x4000000000000000
static constexpr uint64_t high_prioity_flag_mask = 0x2000000000000000
static constexpr uint64_t request_id_mask = 0x1FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF


template<class Inspector >
Inspector::result_type inspect (Inspector &f, message_id &x)

Detailed Description

Denotes whether a message is asynchronous or synchronous.

Asynchronous messages always have an invalid message id.

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