CAF  0.17.3
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caf::make_stage_result< In, DownstreamManager, Ts > Class Template Reference

Returns a stream stage with the slot IDs of its first in- and outbound paths. More...

#include <make_stage_result.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for caf::make_stage_result< In, DownstreamManager, Ts >:
caf::delegated< stream< DownstreamManager::output_type >, Ts... >

Public Types

using input_type = In
 Type of a single element.
using output_type = typename DownstreamManager::output_type
 Type of a single element.
using stage_type = stream_stage< In, DownstreamManager >
 Fully typed stream manager as returned by make_source.
using stage_ptr_type = intrusive_ptr< stage_type >
 Pointer to a fully typed stream manager.
using stream_type = stream< output_type >
 The return type for scheduled_actor::make_stage.
using handshake_arguments = std::tuple< Ts... >
 Type of user-defined handshake arguments.

Public Member Functions

 make_stage_result (stream_slot in, stream_slot out, stage_ptr_type ptr)
 make_stage_result (make_stage_result &&)=default
 make_stage_result (const make_stage_result &)=default
make_stage_resultoperator= (make_stage_result &&)=default
make_stage_resultoperator= (const make_stage_result &)=default
stream_slot inbound_slot () const noexcept
stream_slot outbound_slot () const noexcept
stage_ptr_typeptr () noexcept
const stage_ptr_typeptr () const noexcept

Detailed Description

template<class In, class DownstreamManager, class... Ts>
class caf::make_stage_result< In, DownstreamManager, Ts >

Returns a stream stage with the slot IDs of its first in- and outbound paths.

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