libcaf  0.15.5
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caf::io::middleman_actor_impl Class Reference

Default implementation of the middleman_actor interface. More...

#include <middleman_actor_impl.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for caf::io::middleman_actor_impl:
caf::typed_event_based_actor< Sigs >

Public Types

using put_res = result< uint16_t >
using mpi_set = std::set< std::string >
using get_res = delegated< node_id, strong_actor_ptr, mpi_set >
using del_res = delegated< void >
using endpoint_data = std::tuple< node_id, strong_actor_ptr, mpi_set >
using endpoint = std::pair< std::string, uint16_t >
- Public Types inherited from caf::typed_event_based_actor< Sigs >
using super = typename extend< scheduled_actor, typed_event_based_actor< Sigs... >>::template with< mixin::sender, mixin::requester, mixin::behavior_changer >
using signatures = detail::type_list< Sigs... >
using behavior_type = typed_behavior< Sigs... >
using actor_hdl = typed_actor< Sigs... >

Public Member Functions

 middleman_actor_impl (actor_config &cfg, actor default_broker)
void on_exit () override
const char * name () const override
behavior_type make_behavior () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from caf::typed_event_based_actor< Sigs >
 typed_event_based_actor (actor_config &cfg)
std::set< std::string > message_types () const override
void initialize () override

Protected Member Functions

virtual expected< scribe_ptrconnect (const std::string &host, uint16_t port)
 Tries to connect to given host and port. More...
virtual expected< doorman_ptropen (uint16_t port, const char *addr, bool reuse)
 Tries to open a local port. More...

Detailed Description

Default implementation of the middleman_actor interface.

Member Function Documentation

virtual expected<scribe_ptr> caf::io::middleman_actor_impl::connect ( const std::string &  host,
uint16_t  port 

Tries to connect to given host and port.

The default implementation calls system().middleman().backend().new_tcp_scribe(host, port).

virtual expected<doorman_ptr> caf::io::middleman_actor_impl::open ( uint16_t  port,
const char *  addr,
bool  reuse 

Tries to open a local port.

The default implementation calls system().middleman().backend().new_tcp_doorman(port, addr, reuse).

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