CAF  0.17.3
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caf::io::basp::worker Class Reference

Deserializes payloads for BASP messages asynchronously. More...

#include <worker.hpp>

Inherits caf::detail::abstract_worker, and caf::io::basp::remote_message_handler< Subtype >.

Public Types

using super = detail::abstract_worker
using scheduler_type = scheduler::abstract_coordinator
using hub_type = detail::worker_hub< worker >

Public Member Functions

 worker (hub_type &hub, message_queue &queue, proxy_registry &proxies)
 Only the ::worker_hub has access to the constructor.
void launch (const node_id &last_hop, const basp::header &hdr, const byte_buffer &payload)
resume_result resume (execution_unit *ctx, size_t) override
 Resume any pending computation until it is either finished or needs to be re-scheduled later.

Public Attributes

friend remote_message_handler< worker >

Detailed Description

Deserializes payloads for BASP messages asynchronously.

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