CAF  0.17.3
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caf::abstract_actor Class Referenceabstract

Base class for all actor implementations. More...

#include <abstract_actor.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for caf::abstract_actor:
caf::abstract_channel caf::monitorable_actor caf::actor_pool caf::actor_proxy caf::decorator::sequencer caf::decorator::splitter caf::forwarding_actor_proxy

Public Member Functions

void * operator new (std::size_t, void *ptr)
actor_control_blockctrl () const
virtual void on_destroy ()
 Cleans up any remaining state before the destructor is called. More...
void enqueue (strong_actor_ptr sender, message_id mid, message msg, execution_unit *host) override
 Enqueues a new message without forwarding stack to the channel.
virtual void enqueue (mailbox_element_ptr what, execution_unit *host)=0
 Enqueues a new message wrapped in a mailbox_element to the actor. More...
virtual void attach (attachable_ptr ptr)=0
 Attaches ptr to this actor. More...
template<class F >
void attach_functor (F f)
 Convenience function that attaches the functor f to this actor. More...
actor_addr address () const
 Returns the logical actor address.
virtual size_t detach (const attachable::token &what)=0
 Detaches the first attached object that matches what.
virtual std::set< std::string > message_types () const
 Returns the set of accepted messages types as strings or an empty set if this actor is untyped.
actor_id id () const noexcept
 Returns the ID of this actor.
node_id node () const noexcept
 Returns the node this actor is living on.
actor_systemhome_system () const noexcept
 Returns the system that created this actor (or proxy).
- Public Member Functions inherited from caf::abstract_channel
bool is_abstract_actor () const
bool is_abstract_group () const
bool is_actor_decorator () const

Protected Member Functions

 abstract_actor (actor_config &cfg)
 Creates a new actor instance.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from caf::abstract_channel
int flags () const
void flags (int new_value)

Protected Attributes

std::mutex mtx_

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

using actor_id = uint64_t
 A unique actor ID.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from caf::abstract_channel
static constexpr int is_abstract_actor_flag = 0x01000000
static constexpr int is_abstract_group_flag = 0x02000000
static constexpr int is_actor_bind_decorator_flag = 0x04000000
static constexpr int is_actor_dot_decorator_flag = 0x08000000
static constexpr int is_actor_decorator_mask = 0x0C000000
static constexpr int is_hidden_flag = 0x10000000

Detailed Description

Base class for all actor implementations.

Member Function Documentation

◆ attach()

virtual void caf::abstract_actor::attach ( attachable_ptr  ptr)
pure virtual

Attaches ptr to this actor.

The actor will call ptr->detach(...) on exit, or immediately if it already finished execution.

Implemented in caf::monitorable_actor.

◆ attach_functor()

template<class F >
void caf::abstract_actor::attach_functor ( f)

Convenience function that attaches the functor f to this actor.

The actor executes f() on exit or immediately if it is not running.

◆ enqueue()

virtual void caf::abstract_actor::enqueue ( mailbox_element_ptr  what,
execution_unit host 
pure virtual

Enqueues a new message wrapped in a mailbox_element to the actor.

This enqueue variant allows to define forwarding chains.

Implemented in caf::actor_pool, caf::decorator::splitter, caf::decorator::sequencer, and caf::forwarding_actor_proxy.

◆ on_destroy()

virtual void caf::abstract_actor::on_destroy ( )

Cleans up any remaining state before the destructor is called.

This function makes sure it is safe to call virtual functions in sub classes before destroying the object, because calling virtual function in the destructor itself is not safe. Any override implementation is required to call super::destroy() at the end.

Reimplemented in caf::actor_pool.

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